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Análisis de la percepción de la imagen corporal que tienen los estudiantes universitarios de Navarra

Autores: Soto Ruiz, M. N. (Autor de correspondencia); Marin Fernández, M.; Aguinaga Ontoso, I.; Guillén Grima, Francisco; Serrano Monzó, Inmaculada; Canga Armayor, Navidad; Hermoso de Mendoza Cantón, J.; Stock, C.; Kramer, A.; Annans J.
Título de la revista: NUTRICION HOSPITALARIA
ISSN: 0212-1611
Volumen: 31
Número: 5
Páginas: 2269 - 2275
Fecha de publicación: 2015
Introduction: Current models of beauty represent an extreme thinness in the women and a muscular body in the men. The body image perception will condition the search of ideal beauty through different behaviors and can be transform in eating disorders. The university students, with the changes typical of youth and university transition, are a vulnerable group. Objective: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the body image perception of university students in Navarra. Methods: The study included 1162 subjects of which 64.2% were female. Students asked for a self-managed questionnaire and they were weighted and heighted to calculate the body mass index (BMI). Their body image perception were obtained asking the students to select a picture, according to their perception which corresponded to their current body image from nine different silhouettes for men and women. Their BMI were calculated and compared with their perceived BAIL Results: 43.03% of students, overestimated their body image (10.65% in males and 59.69% in females) and 10.20% of students underestimated it. 46.75% of students had concordance between BMI and body image perception. Discussion: There were more cases the alterations in the body image perception in women. In general, women saw themselves as being fatter than really were while men saw themselves as being thinner than they really were. The results shown that the women were more worried about their weight and body image than the men.