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Emergency lighting cabinet for fire safety learning

Autores: Martín Gómez, César; Bermejo Busto, Javier; Mambrilla Herrero, Natalia
Título de la revista: CASE STUDIES IN FIRE SAFETY
ISSN: 2214-398X
Volumen: 3
Páginas: 17 - 24
Fecha de publicación: 2015
The aim of this innovative educational project is to encourage students¿ interest in one of the most underrated fields of fire safety: emergency lighting. So this educational project aims to combine the relationships amongst the evacuation safety theory, real manufacturers products and an specific software for its usage. In order to achieve it, a `technical cabinet¿ has been designed and built for its use in the Laboratory of a University School. The design, content and learning system of the cabinet confirmed the validity of the initial concept during the first year of use. A protocol has also been developed for the technical cabinet, so that the teaching experience may be of use in other Schools of Architecture.