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Common variants in genes related to lipid and energy metabolism are associated with weight loss after an intervention in overweight/obese adolescents

Autores: Moleres Villares, Adriana; Milagro Yoldi, Fermín Ignacio; Marcos, A.; González-Zorzano, E.; Campoy, C.; Garagorri, J. M.; Azcona San Julián, María Cristina; Martínez Hernández, Alfredo; Martí del Moral, Amelia; EVASYON Group
Título de la revista: NUTRICION HOSPITALARIA
ISSN: 0212-1611
Volumen: 30
Número: 1
Páginas: 75 - 83
Fecha de publicación: 2014
Background: Some SNPs related to lipid and energy metabolism may be implicated not only in the development of obesity and associated comorbidities, but also in the weight loss response after a nutritional intervention. Objective: In this context, the present study analyzed four SNPs located within four genes known to be associated with obesity and other obesity-related complications, and their putative role in a weight-loss intervention in overweight/obese adolescents. Methods: The study population consisted of 199 overweight/obese adolescents (13-16 yr old) undergoing 10 weeks of a weight loss multidisciplinary intervention: the EVASYON programme ( Adolescents were genotyped for 4 SNPs, and anthropometric measurements and biochemical markers were analyzed at the beginning and after the intervention. Results: Interestingly, APOA5(rs662799) was associated with the baseline anthropometric and biochemical outcomes, whereas FTO (rs9939609) seemed to be related with the change of these values after the 10-week intervention. The other two SNPs, located in the CETP (rs1800777) and the APOA1 (rs670) genes, showed important relationships with adiposity markers. Specifically, a combined model including both SNPs turned up to explain up to 24% of BMI-SDS change after 10 weeks of the multidisciplinary intervention, which may contribute to under - stand the weight loss response. Conclusion: Common variants in genes related to lipid and energy metabolism may influence not only biochemical outcomes but also weight loss response after a multidisciplinary intervention carried out in obese/overweight adolescents.