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Thermal protection of beta-carotene in re-assembled casein micelles during different processing technologies applied in food industry

Autores: Saiz-Abajo, M. J. ; González-Ferrero, C.; Moreno-Ruíz, A.; Romo Hualde, Ana; González Navarro, Carlos Javier
Título de la revista: FOOD CHEMISTRY
ISSN: 0308-8146
Volumen: 138
Número: 2-3
Páginas: 1581 - 1587
Fecha de publicación: 2013
eta-Carotene is a carotenoid usually applied in the food industry as a precursor of vitamin A or as a colourant. beta-Carotene is a labile compound easily degraded by light, heat and oxygen. Casein micelles were used as nanostructures to encapsulate, stabilise and protect beta-carotene from degradation during processing in the food industry. Self-assembly method was applied to re-assemble nanomicelles containing beta-carotene. The protective effect of the nanostructures against degradation during the most common industrial treatments (sterilisation, pasteurisation, high hydrostatic pressure and baking) was proven. Casein micelles protected beta-carotene from degradation during heat stabilisation, high pressure processing and the processes most commonly used in the food industry including baking. This opens new possibilities for introducing thermolabile ingredients in bakery products.