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Thermal exploitation of fruit tree pruning wastes in a novel conical spouted bed combustor

Autores: San José, M. J.; Álvarez, S.; Peñas Esteban, Francisco Javier; García, I.
ISSN: 1385-8947
Volumen: 238
Número: Supl. 1
Páginas: 227 - 233
Fecha de publicación: 2014
In order to determine the optimum operation conditions for thermal exploitation of fruit-tree pruning wastes in conical spouted bed combustors, operation maps for gas-solid flow regimes have been obtained from the experimental hydrodynamic study of beds of inert material (sand) in conical spouted bed contactors at high temperatures. To this end, minimum spouting and minimum dilute spouting (jet spouted bed) velocities and maximum bed pressure drop have been obtained for different systems. The effects of particle size and gas inlet temperature has been also studied. Combustion of fruit-tree pruning wastes has been successfully carried out in batch mode in a conical spouted bed combustor, with high combustion efficiencies, for gas inlet temperatures from 350 to 550 degrees C. Radial and axial temperature profiles have been measured both in uniform beds of inert material and also in beds composed of mixtures of sand and combusting wastes.