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Effect of a biodegradable natural polymer on the properties of hardened lime-based mortars

Autores: Izaguirre, A.; Lanas, J.; Álvarez Galindo, José Ignacio
ISSN: 0465-2746
Volumen: 61
Número: 302
Páginas: 257 - 274
Fecha de publicación: 2011
As an environmentally friendly and energy-saving alternative to cement-based materials and to some chemically obtained water-reducers, a commercialized starch was incorporated into aerial lime-based matrix. Different dosages were tested in order to study the influence that the amount of additive exerted on the properties of the material. Density, shrinkage, water absorption through capillarity, water vapour permeability, mechanical strengths, porosity, pore size distribution, and durability in the face of freezing-thawing cycles were studied in the mortars. The tested starch acted as a thickener for dosages up to 0.30%, and changed its behaviour for the largest dosage (0.50%): in that case it behaved as a plasticizer, dispersing the lime through the fresh mass and generating a more workable material. As a result, the matrix of the hardened mortar presented great coherence, owing to its large density and low porosity, characteristics which led to lower capillarity and permeability, better mechanical properties and durability.