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Care professions and globalization: theoretical and practical perspectives

Autores: González González, Ana Marta (Coeditor); Iffland, Craig (Coeditor)
Lugar de Edición: New York
Editorial: Palgrave MacMillan  
Fecha de publicación: 2014
ISBN: 978-1-137-38116-3
Número de páginas: 288
Resumen: Introduction: The Challenges of ¿Care¿ Ana Marta González and Craig Iffland Theoretical Perspectives 1. The Completion of Care¿With Implications for a Duty to Receive Care Graciously Eva Feder Kittay 2. Carefree in Barcelona David H. Smith 3. `Moved by the Suffering of Others¿: Using Aristotelian Theory to Think about Care Kim Redgrave 4. Social Contract Theory and Moral Agency: Understanding the Roots of an Uncaring Society Melissa Moschella 5. Emotional Work and Care as Relationship: some Particularities and Consequences Alejandro García Practical Perspectives 6. Socio-Economic Impact of the Work of the Home M. Sophia Aguirre 7. Working in the ICU: A Study on the Normalization of Tension in Health Care Provision Ambrogia Cereda 8. Professionalizing Care¿a Necessary Irony? Some Implications of the `Ethics of Care¿ for the Caring Professions and Informal Caring Richard Hugman 9. Domestic Work: Judgments and Biases Regarding Mundane Tasks María Pía Chirinos 10. The Moral Sense of Nursing Care Mercedes Pérez 11. A Professional Perspective on End of Life Care Carlos Centeno