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Pro12Ala variant of the PPARG2 gene increases body mass index: an updated meta-analysis encompassing 49,092 subjects

Título de la revista: OBESITY
ISSN: 1469-3259
Volumen: 21
Número: 7
Páginas: 1486-1495
Fecha de publicación: 2013
The meta-analysis revealed a higher BMI with an overall estimation of +0.065 kg/m(2) (95%CI = 0.026-0.103, P = 0.001) for homo-/heterozygous carriers of the Ala allele of the PPARG2 gene in comparison to non-carriers. The analysis also showed that there was heterogeneity (P for heterogeneity <0.001), but funnel plots did not suggest apparent publication bias. Furthermore, the association between the Pro12Ala polymorphism of the PPARG2 gene and increased BMI was stronger in Caucasian. Thus, carriers of the Ala allele had significantly higher BMI than non-carriers in a subsample of 6,528 Caucasian male subjects (standardized mean difference = 0.090, 95%CI=0.032-0.148, P = 0.002, P for heterogeneity = 0.121). CONCLUSION: This updated meta-analysis showed that carriers of the Ala12 allele of the PPARG2 gene had a higher average BMI.