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Tapped granular packings described as complex networks

Autores: Arévalo, R.; Pugnaloni, L. A.; Maza Ozcoidi, Diego; Zuriguel Ballaz, Iker
Título de la revista: PHILOSOPHICAL MAGAZINE
ISSN: 1478-6435
Volumen: 93
Número: 31 - 33
Páginas: 4078 - 4089
Fecha de publicación: 2013
We characterize the structure of simulated two-dimensional granular packings using concepts from complex networks theory. The packings are generated by a simulated tapping protocol, which allows us to obtain states in mechanical equilibrium in a wide range of densities. We show that our characterization method is able to discriminate non-equivalent states that have the same density. We do this by examining differences in the topological structure of the contact network of the packings. In particular, we find that the polygons of the network are specially sensitive probes for the contact structure. Additionally, we compare the network properties obtained in two different scenarios: the tapped and a compressed system.