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Libertad personal más allá de límites

Título de la revista: PENSAMIENTO
ISSN: 0031-4749
Volumen: 68
Número: 255
Páginas: 143-151
Fecha de publicación: 2012
In this work we distinguish between freedom in the human manifestations (intelligence, will, actions) and personal freedom in the personal intimacy. This second is beyond the freedom reached by the classic and modern thought, since it takes root in the personal act of being. Because of it, it is not possible to characterize this freedom like the classic description as 'domain over the own acts', because it is a description of 'categorial' order; neither like present day 'autonomy' or 'independence', because the existence of one person alone is impossible, since 'person' means relation, personal free opening to other persons, description of the 'transcendental' order and, therefore, to the margin of limits.