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First detection of Brucella canis infections in a breeding kennel in Austria

Autores: Hofer, E.; Bago, Z.; Revilla-Fernandez, S.; Melzer, F.; Tomaso, H.; López Goñi, Ignacio; Fasching, G.; Schmoll, F.
Título de la revista: NEW MICROBIOLOGICA
ISSN: 1121-7138
Volumen: 35
Número: 4
Páginas: 507 - 510
Fecha de publicación: 2012
Brucella canis occurs almost worldwide and is a potential danger to the health of dogs and humans. The pathogen was detected in the placenta and fetuses of a Standard Poodle by direct culture and immunohistochemistry. Further, Brucellae were also isolated from the blood samples of two asymptomatic female Medium Poodles. The isolates were identified as B. canis by conventional microbiological methods and a novel Bruce-ladder multiplex PCR. Genotyping was performed by multiple locus variable number tandem repeats analysis (MLVA).