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Inhibition of Cdc25A suppresses hepato-renal cystogenesis in rodent models of polycystic kidney and liver disease

Autores: Masyuk, TV; Radtke, BN; Stroope, AJ; Bañales Asurmendi, Jesús; Masyuk, AI; Gradilone, SA; Gajdos, GB; Chandok, N; Bakeberg, JL; Ward, CJ; Ritman, EL; Kiyokawa, H; LaRusso, NF
Título de la revista: GASTROENTEROLOGY
ISSN: 0016-5085
Volumen: 142
Número: 3
Páginas: 622 - 633
Fecha de publicación: 2012
BACKGROUND & AIMS: In polycystic kidney disease and polycystic liver disease (PLD), the normally nonproliferative hepato-renal epithelia acquire a proliferative, cystic phenotype that is linked to overexpression of cell division cycle 25 (Cdc25)A phosphatase and cell-cycle deregulation. We investigated the effects of Cdc25A inhibition in mice and rats via genetic and pharmacologic approaches. METHODS: Cdc25A(+/-) mice (which have reduced levels of Cdc25A) were cross-bred with polycystic kidney and hepatic disease 1 (Pkhd1(del2/del2)) mice (which have increased levels of Cdc25A and develop hepatic cysts). Cdc25A expression was analyzed in livers of control and polycystic kidney (PCK) rats, control and polycystic kidney 2 (Pkd2(ws25/-)) mice, healthy individuals, and patients with PLD. We examined effects of pharmacologic inhibition of Cdc25A with vitamin K3 (VK3) on the cell cycle, proliferation, and cyst expansion in vitro; hepatorenal cystogenesis in PCK rats and Pkd2(ws25/-) mice; and expression of Cdc25A and the cell-cycle proteins regulated by Cdc25A. We also examined the effects of the Cdc25A inhibitor PM-20 on hepato-renal cystogenesis in Pkd2(ws25/-) mice. RESULTS: Liver weights and hepatic and fibrotic areas were decreased by 32%-52% in Cdc25A(+/-): Pkhd1(del2/del2) mice, compared with Pkhd1(del2/del2) mice. VK3 altered the cell cycle and reduced proliferation of cultured cholangiocytes by 32%-83% and decreased growth of cultured cysts by 23%-67%. In PCK rats and Pkd2(ws25/-) mice, VK3 reduced liver and kidney weights and hepato-renal cystic and fibrotic areas by 18%-34%. PM-20 decreased hepato-renal cystogenesis in Pkd2(ws25/-) mice by 15%. CONCLUSIONS: Cdc25A inhibitors block cell-cycle progression and proliferation, reduce liver and kidney weights and cyst growth in animal models of polycystic kidney disease and PLD, and might be developed as therapeutics for these diseases.