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Making things happen: the role of communication in strategic management: a case study on banking industry

Título de la revista: Comunicacion y Sociedad
ISSN: 0214-0039
Volumen: XXIII
Número: 2
Páginas: 179 - 201
Fecha de publicación: 2010
Financial institutions are the protagonists of the ongoing economic crisis. Recent financial scandals and dubious management have emerged while an intense debate on the responsibility of business has risen. In academia, the stakeholder management school has earned acceptance; and one question arises: is orderly, coherent management possible when executives embrace the demands of customers and other stakeholders? A case study from the banking sector would be of interest, in order to ascertain if the industry, traditionally branded as opaque and ill-disposed towards public demands, has embraced stakeholder theory assumptions in its management practice. This case allows a deepen thought in the field of communication management, far removed from window-dressing, which stands as a true social dialogic dimension.