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Teaching Fire Safety in Schools of Architecture: The Spanish Case

Libro: Advancing STEM Education and Innovation in a Time of Distance Learning
Editorial: IGI Global
Fecha de publicación: 2023
Página Inicial - Final: 189 - 210
ISBN: 9781668450536
Resumen: Fire safety teaching in schools of architecture has become more relevant over the last years in Spain due to the influence that it has in the professional architectural project. The introduction of fire safety knowledge in the intermediate courses of architectural studies has important advantages for the student, who quickly perceives the project as a normative discipline. However, fire safety regulations are complex and difficult to understand for the students. The experience along the last years has progressively evolved from an analysis of the legal documents to a more frequent use of graphical representations. A combination of symbols, diagrams, and simple drawings has proven to be quite effective: Symbols actas anchor repeated throughout the learning process. Diagrams are a first approach to the characteristics of the building. And the simple drawings complete the information so the students can work on the proposed exercise.