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Revisiting cinema to connect generations. A service-learning program for social debate

Libro: Care relationship and well-being for elderly person. Pedagogical reflections and good practices
Lugar de Edición: Milán
Editorial: EDUCatt
Fecha de publicación: 2023
Página Inicial - Final: 147-168
ISBN: 979-12-5535-076-7
Resumen: Introduction: Intergenerational transmission of valuable contents for life helps new generations to adopt elderly historical perspective for projecting the future with accurate solutions to present problems. Objective: to promote cross-generational dialogue through film heritage. Method: By revisiting selected movies, participants in a service-learning program debate on core issues of human life in society. Result: the sharing of film heritage between young and old generations may increase their sense of community living together through a shared timeline of past, present and future values. Conclusion: Film heritage provides valuable material for cross-generation understanding and future projection