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Streamlining clinical research: an ESMO awareness call to improve sponsoring and monitoring of clinical trials

Autores: Pérez-Gracia, J. L. (Autor de correspondencia); Penel, N.; Calvo, E.; Awada, A.; Arkenau, H. T.; Amaral, T.; Grunwald, V.; Fernández de Sanmamed Gutiérrez, Miguel; Castelo-Branco, L.; Bodoky, G.; Lolkema, M. P.; Di Nicola, M.; Casali, P.; Giuliani, R.; Pentheroudakis, G.
Título de la revista: ANNALS OF ONCOLOGY
ISSN: 0923-7534
Volumen: 34
Número: 1
Páginas: 70 - 77
Fecha de publicación: 2023
Background: During recent years, the burden of bureaucracy in clinical research has increased dramatically, adversely impacting the activity of investigators and clinical research teams. Although compliance with the Declaration of Helsinki, the guidelines for Good Clinical Practice (GCP), and other applicable regulations remains unquestionable, their overinterpretation and substitution by the internal operating procedures of sponsors and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) have increased the administrative burden. A survey conducted by the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Clinical Research Observatory (ECRO) among 940 investigators confirmed that they considered that the administrative burden in clinical research is excessive; that administrative procedures could be reduced without affecting the safety and the rights of the patients and the quality of the data; and that bureaucracy represents an obstacle for clinical research.Methods: A panel of physicians with extensive experience in clinical research, composed by members of the ECRO and the ESMO Scientific Medical and Public Policy divisions, analyzed clinical trial procedures related to administrative workflow, pharmacovigilance, and medical care.Results: The panel identified situations that generate debate between investigators and sponsors/CROs and selected real clinical scenarios that exemplify such situations. The panel discussed and proposed specific recommendations for those situations, based on GCP.Conclusions: This initiative aspires to streamline clinical research procedures and to become a platform for discussion among all clinical trial stakeholders, with the aim of promoting the sustainability of clinical research and the care of cancer patients.