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"Fecisti homicidium?" La singular versión de cánones penitenciales en las colecciones en 9 Libros y en 10 Partes

Libro: Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Congress of Medieval Canon Law. Paris, 17-23 July 2016
Lugar de Edición: Città del Vaticano
Editorial: Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana
Fecha de publicación: 2022
Página Inicial - Final: 1005 - 1025
ISBN: 978-88-210-1095-8
Resumen: The Collection in 10 Parts includes, in its last book dealing with penance, a highly interesting penitential text that begins with the following inquiry: Fecisti homicidium voluntarie et non necessitate? This long text ¿ six folios in ms. Firenze ¿ is also found in Burchard of Worm¿s Corrector, one of the main sources of 10 Parts. However, the composition here is clearly different from that of Burchard and finds its formal source in the Collection in 9 Books. This paper will focus on the textual tradition of this text and its internal characteristics. It will put in evidence the remarkable fact that such an archaic penitential text was rearranged (in the Collection in 9 Books) in the twelfth century and not simply copied from Burchard's Corrector.