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Nurses' knowledge about palliative care in a critical care unit

Título de la revista: ENFERMERIA INTENSIVA
ISSN: 1130-2399
Volumen: 33
Número: 4
Páginas: 197 - 205
Fecha de publicación: 2022
Introduction and objetive: Patients admitted to the Critical Care Unit (CCU) have a high mor-tality rate due to their complexity. Palliative care (PC) is a key aspect that can improve patient care. Because of the essential role of the nurse in providing this care, training, and including it in daily practice are needed. Our objective was to review the level of knowledge among the nurses in the CCU regarding PC and assess whether there is an association between each of the study variables. Methodology: We performed a descriptive observational cross-sectional study in the CCU of a tertiary level university hospital. The questionnaire Palliative Care Quiz for Nurses, previously validated and translated into Spanish, was used. This is a self-administered questionnaire con-sisting of 20 multiple-choice questions (True/False/Do not Know-Do not answer) which evaluates three aspects of PC: philosophy, psychosocial and control of pain and other symptoms. In addi-tion, sociodemographic data was collected. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used, a p < .05 was considered statistically significant in all cases. Results: The questionnaire was administered to 68 nursers, with an average age of 34.98 +/- 12.12 years, and 13.00 +/- 11.75 years of professional experience. Twelve nurses have Master studies and 28 nurses have received training in PC. The percent of correct answers of the questionnaire was 56.98%. There were no statistically significant differences between the total average score and the variables studied. However, looking at each aspect on the scale, an association was found between PC training and control of pain and other symptoms (p = .033). Conclusion: Critical care nurses have a basic knowledge of PC, it being insufficient in the psycho-logical sphere. Developing a training programme which identifies misconceptions and training deficits might improve the management of symptom control in palliative care patients, quality of care and its application. (c) 2022 Sociedad Espan similar to ola de Enfermeri ' a Intensiva y Unidades Coronarias (SEEIUC). Published by Elsevier Espan similar to a, S.L.U. All rights reserved.