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EventPointer 3.0: flexible and accurate splicing analysis that includes studying the differential usage of protein-domains

ISSN: 2631-9268
Volumen: 4
Número: 3
Páginas: lqac067
Fecha de publicación: 2022
Alternative splicing (AS) plays a key role in cancer: all its hallmarks have been associated with different mechanisms of abnormal AS. The improvement of the human transcriptome annotation and the availability of fast and accurate software to estimate isoform concentrations has boosted the analysis of transcriptome profiling from RNA-seq. The statistical analysis of AS is a challenging problem not yet fully solved. We have included in EventPointer (EP), a Bioconductor package, a novel statistical method that can use the bootstrap of the pseudoaligners. We compared it with other state-of-the-art algorithms to analyze AS. Its performance is outstanding for shallow sequencing conditions. The statistical framework is very flexible since it is based on design and contrast matrices. EP now includes a convenient tool to find the primers to validate the discoveries using PCR. We also added a statistical module to study alteration in protein domain related to AS. Applying it to 9514 patients from TCGA and TARGET in 19 different tumor types resulted in two conclusions: i) aberrant alternative splicing alters the relative presence of Protein domains and, ii) the number of enriched domains is strongly correlated with the age of the patients.