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Congenital cytomegalovirus infection with brainstem hemorrhage and polymicrogyria: necropsic and histopathological findings

Autores: Arredondo-Montero, J. (Autor de correspondencia); Antona, G.; Rivero-Marcotegui, A.; Bardaji-Pascual, C.; Bronte-Anaut, M.; Ros-Briones, R.; Fernández-Celis, A.; López Andrés, Natalia; Martín Calvo, Nerea
Título de la revista: CONGENITAL ANOMALIES
ISSN: 0914-3505
Volumen: 62
Número: 6
Páginas: 248 - 253
Fecha de publicación: 2022
Congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection can cause severe neurological sequelae or even fetal death. We present a 17-year-old pregnant woman with fetal CMV infection, leading to voluntary termination of pregnancy. Fetopsy demonstrated a brainstem hemorrhage and focal polymicrogyria. CMV inclusions were observed in the lung, liver, thyroid, pancreas, kidneys, adrenal, placenta, and central nervous system. Intracranial hemorrhage is a rare finding in the context of congenital CMV infection, with isolated brainstem hemorrhage being an exceptional form of presentation. Polymicrogyria appears to be a more frequent finding, although its actual incidence is unknown. Future studies are needed to determine the causal association.