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Validation of the child and youth resilience measure-28 (CYRM-28) among Spanish youth
Autores: Artuch-Garde, R. (Autor de correspondencia); González Torres, María Carmen; Martínez-Vicente, J. M.; Peralta-Sánchez, F. J.; de la Fuente Arias, Jesús
Título de la revista: HELIYON
ISSN: 2405-8440
Volumen: 8
Número: 6
Páginas: e09713
Fecha de publicación: 2022
Lugar: WOS
Objectives: This article presents a validation study of the 28-item Child and Youth Resilience Measure (CYRM-28). The sample contained 365 Spanish youth ages between 15 to 21, from Navarre (Spain), all of them enrolled in Initial Vocational Qualification Programs.Method: The CYRM-28 was administered to students from 27 secondary schools in the province of Navarre. Confirmatory analyses were conducted.Results: The structure of the original scale was confirmed, as well as acceptable psychometric properties.Discussion: Findings add support to the CYRM-28 as a reliable and valid self-report instrument that measures three components of resilience processes in the lives of youth with complex needs. The CYRM-28 shows adequate psychometric properties, the CFA presents indices of goodness and fit (Chi-squared = 60,170, df = 17, p < .001; CFI = .960, TLI = .934, IFI = .961, RFI = .911 and NFI = .946; RMSEA = .084).Conclusion: Advanced statistical modeling yielded evidence that the scale, originally developed for use in several countries, can be used to assess resilience in Spanish youth.