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Landscape and heritage: didactic resources for sustainability education

Libro: Didactic strategies and resources for innovative geography teaching
Editorial: IGI Global
Fecha de publicación: 2022
Página Inicial - Final: 117 - 143
ISBN: 9781799895985
Resumen: The growing technical, political, social, and cultural interconnectedness of our world helps advance societies. However, globalization also entails some negative environmental and cultural effects, which are usually intertwined. For example, the spread of Western consumption models accelerates ecological and social degradation worldwide. A sustainable development model is necessary to face these problems, which needs a conscious and competent society. This chapter explores how heritage and landscape are, at the same time, integrative concepts and didactic resources that promote interdisciplinary learning. Both aspects have great potential for advancing sustainability education. The chapter presents some didactic proposals that use diverse strategies and resources related to heritage and landscape, adopting a local focus whenever possible to make the learning experience more significant. Some of these activities address environmental and social challenges described in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.