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Advances on self-regulation models: a new research agenda through the SR vs ER behavior theory in different psychology contexts
Autores: de la Fuente Arias, Jesús (Autor de correspondencia); Martínez-Vicente, J. M.; Santos, F. H.; Sander, P.; Fadda, S.; Karagiannopoulou, A.; Boruchovitch, E.; Kauffman, D. F.
Título de la revista: FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY
ISSN: 1664-1078
Volumen: 13
Páginas: 861493
Fecha de publicación: 2022
Lugar: WOS
The aim of this paper is to demonstrate how Bandura's Social Cognitive Theory (1986) influenced the development of several complementary models of the construct of Self-Regulation. Building on the foundation of Self-Determination Theory, SDT (2000), and Zimmerman's Self-Regulation Theory, SR (2001), with their assumptions, contributions, goddesses, and limitations, we come to the Self- vs. External Regulatory Theory, SR-ER (2021). Finally, we integrate recent evidence demonstrating the explanatory adequacy of the SR vs. ER model for different psychological constructions in different settings related to education, health, clinical practice and social work. Complementary, a new theoretical and empirical research agenda is presented, to continue testing the adequacy of SR vs. ER assumptions, and to better understand the behavioral variability of the different constructs studied.