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Tracking greenhouses farming based on internet of technology

Libro: Further Advances in Internet of Things in Biomedical and Cyber Physical Systems
Autores: Gutiérrez Calderón, José Sebastián; Rocha, R.; Rendón, D.; Bernabé, J.C.; Aguilera, L.; Solanki, V.K.
Editorial: Ed. Springer 
Fecha de publicación: 2021
Página Inicial - Final: 227 - 238
ISBN: 978-3-030-57834-3
Resumen: The Internet of Things plays role in all arenas. In this manuscript, we have to consider the growing flowers in a garden, vegetable, fruit, and other farming. We are considering the greenhouse which aims to introduce the productions of yields. Of course, the growth of plants, and farms are vital and need of everyone, keeping in view of this manuscript is aimed to discuss and study in line of IoT and agriculture. In this work, we propose a greenhouse automation system based on Arduino for the monitoring of temperature, humidity, and moisture of the soil. Arduino can obtain data on the environmental conditions of the greenhouse from various sensors and transfer the data to the ESP8266 module. Consequently, it's possible to change the state of greenhouse control devices like fans, lamp heater, and water pump in obedience to the necessary conditions of the crops. These parameters are modified by the type of plant to maximize their growth, the Aloe Vera plant was used in this project. For the architecture of the Internet of Things was used Blynk coming from the embedded board and the communication link with the Blynk Server was through the Wi-Fi protocol. Results indicate that the system allows the control and monitoring in real-time of the greenhouse correctly. As a future improvement, it is intended with the data obtained, to search for the best optimal conditions for plant growth through artificial intelligence