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Palliative professionals' experiences of receiving gratitude: a transformative and protective resource

ISSN: 1049-7323
Volumen: 32
Número: 7
Páginas: 1126 - 1138
Fecha de publicación: 2022
Providing palliative care can be both challenging and rewarding. It involves emotionally demanding work and yet research shows that burnout is lower than in other fields of healthcare. Spontaneous expressions of gratitude from patients and family members are not uncommon and are highly valued. This study explored the experience of Spanish palliative professionals who received expressions of gratitude from their patients and families. A phenomenological approach was used to better understand the role of receiving gratitude in participants¿ lives. Interviews were transcribed verbatim and a phenomenological approach to analysis was undertaken using macro-thematic and micro-thematic reflection. Two team members independently engaged in this reflection with an inductive approach. The analysis was shared and discussed at periodic meetings to identify the key themes and sub-themes of the gratitude experience. Ten palliative professionals were interviewed. Participants engaged in a process of recognizing, internalizing and treasuring the expressions of gratitude which they then used for reflection and growth. These expressions were a powerful and deeply meaningful resource that the palliative professionals revisited over time. Receiving expressions of gratitude invited a stronger sense of the value of one¿s self and one¿s work that was motivational and protective, particularly during challenging times.