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Fashion communication: Proceedings of the FACTUM 21 Conference, Pamplona, Spain, 2021

Autores: Sádaba Garraza, Teresa (Editor); Kalbaska, N. (Editor); Cantoni, L. (Editor); Cominelli, F. (Editor); Torregrosa Puig, Marta (Editor)
Lugar de Edición: Cham
Editorial: Ed. Springer
Fecha de publicación: 2021
ISBN: 978-3-030-81320-8
Número de páginas: XIII, 337
Resumen: These conference proceedings are the output of one of the first academic events of its nature happening globally, targeting fashion from a communication sciences perspective, including, in a broad sense, cultural heritage studies and marketing. The chapters present theoretical and empirical interdisciplinary work on how various communication practices impact the fashion industry and on societal fashion-related practices and values. The special focus of this volume is how digital transformation is changing the field and its utility to practitioners. Using these academic insights, practitioners can understand the core causes and reasons for trends and developments in the field of fashion communication and marketing.