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Total dairy consumption in relation to overweight and obesity in children and adolescents: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Autores: Babio, N. (Autor de correspondencia); Becerra-Tomás, N.; Nishi, S. K. (Autor de correspondencia); López-González, L.; Paz-Graniel, I.; García-Gavilán, J.; Schroder, H.; Martín Calvo, Nerea; Salas-Salvadó, J.
Título de la revista: OBESITY REVIEWS
ISSN: 1467-7881
Volumen: 23
Número: Supl. 1
Páginas: e13400
Fecha de publicación: 2022
Lugar: WOS
A systematic review and meta-analysis of cross-sectional and prospective cohort studies was conducted to assess the associations between total dairy consumption and its different subtypes with the prevalence and incidence of overweight, obesity, and overweight/obesity in children and adolescents. A literature search was conducted in Medline through PUBMED and Cochrane Library databases until October 18, 2021. Articles reporting the risk estimates as odd ratios (OR), risk ratios (RR), or hazard ratios and their corresponding 95% confidence interval (CI) for the association between dairy product consumption and the risk of overweight and/or obesity were included. In the meta-analysis from cross-sectional studies, results showed an inverse association between total dairy consumption and obesity prevalence (OR (95% CI): 0.66 (0.48-0.91). No significant associations were found between milk or yogurt and obesity prevalence risk. Regarding prospective studies, total milk consumption was positively associated with overweight prevalence (OR (95% CI): 1.13 (1.01-1.26)) and incidence (RR (95%CI): 1.17 (1.01-1.35)) risk. Evidence from pooled analysis of cross-sectional studies suggested an inverse association between total dairy consumption and obesity. However, there is limited and no conclusive evidence to confirm an inverse relationship from pooled analysis of prospective studies in children and adolescents.