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LIPSS manufacturing with regularity control through laser wavefront curvature
Título de la revista: SURFACES AND INTERFACES
ISSN: 2468-0230
Volumen: 25
Páginas: 101205
Fecha de publicación: 2021
Lugar: WOS
Laser-Induced Periodic Surface Structures (LIPSS) manufacturing is a convenient laser direct-writing technique for the fabrication of nanostructures with adaptable characteristics on the surface of virtually any material. In this paper, we study the influence of 1D laser wavefront curvature on nanoripples spatial regularity, by irradiating stainless steel with a line-focused ultrafast laser beam emitting 120 fs pulses at a wavelength of 800 nm and with 1 kHz repetition rate. We find high correlation between the spatial regularity of the fabricated nanostructures and the wavefront characteristics of the laser beam, with higher regularity being found with quasiplane-wave illumination. Our results provide insight regarding the control of LIPSS regularity, which is essential for industrial applications involving the LIPSS generation technique.