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Podemos y Vox: selección léxica y marcos de interpretación (populistas) en el programa electoral

Libro: The New Challenges of Populist Dicourses in Romance Speaking Countries
Lugar de Edición: Stockholm
Editorial: Stockholm University Press
Fecha de publicación: 2023
Página Inicial - Final: 263 - 281
ISBN: 978-91-7635-231-1
Resumen: This paper aims to analyze the lexical selection and the interpretative frames used to appoint the receiver in the electoral programs of Podemos and Vox (2016 and 2019), two Spanish political parties at the left¿right extremes, and whose discourse is considered populist. Specifically, we paid attention to four terms, selected according to criteria of higher frequency in a previous study of the same corpus: ciudadanos, ciudadanía, españoles and gente. The context of use has been analyzed in order to detect recurrent discursive patterns in both parties. We have found that, despite the fact that the terms used are different, both parties share some interpretative frames.