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Oversizing thread diagnosis in tapping operation

Autores: Del-Val, A. G.; Veiga, F.; Penalva, M.; Arizmendi Jaca, Miguel
Título de la revista: METALS
ISSN: 2075-4701
Volumen: 11
Número: 4
Páginas: 537
Fecha de publicación: 2021
Automotive, railway and aerospace sectors require a high level of quality on the thread profiles in their manufacturing systems knowing that the tapping process is a complex manufacturing process and the last operation in a manufacturing cell. Therefore, a multivariate statistical process control chart, for each tap, is presented based on the principal components of the torque signal directly measured from spindle motor drive to diagnosis the thread profile quality. This on-line multivariate control chart has implemented an alarm to avoid defected screw threads (oversized). Therefore, it could work automatically without any operator intervention assessing the thread quality and the safety is guaranteed during the tapping process.