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Der Spaziergang von Rostock nach Syrakus: eine außergewöhnliche Bildungsreise

Libro: Reisen in der deutschen Literatur: Realität und Phantasie
Lugar de Edición: Berlin
Editorial: Peter Lang Verlag
Fecha de publicación: 2021
Página Inicial - Final: 231 - 242
ISBN: 978-3-631-80848-1
Resumen: This article draws on a teaching German as a foreign language experience and presents didactic approaches from intercultural literary didactics. The protagonist¿s escape story and at the same time an educative journey enables learners to follow his traces deep into linguistic and contextual knowledge, as well as serves as an intertextual journey to get to discover the history of the German division. The pedagogical role of educational journeys ultimately lead to self-reflection when one critically examines both the culturally foreign and one's own foreign.