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Esistenza e coesistenza in Leonardo Polo: persona e libertà nell'ordine trascendentale

Título de la revista: PER LA FILOSOFIA
ISSN: 0394-4131
Volumen: 37
Número: 108
Páginas: 85 - 92
Fecha de publicación: 2020
Leonardo Polo¿s philosophical proposal rests on the discovery of a threat of ignorance inherent in human knowledge: from the beginning, our thought presents reality in an objective way that is independent of its active character. Nevertheless, human intelligence can go beyond this limitation if it detects it in such conditions that it can abandon it. In this way, Polo thinks he can continue the classic philosophy by intensifying the consideration of being as a radical activity and expanding the transcendental order so that it includes freedom. This latter purpose certainly implies resuming modern inspiration but also rectifying it. Created freedom no longer appears as an unfounded foundation but as a different sense of being created, which is characterized by inexhaustible novelty and co-existence.