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Improving the Performance of a 1-MW Induction Machine by Optimally Shifting From a Three-Phase to a Six-Phase Machine Design by Rearranging the Coil Connections

ISSN: 0278-0046
Volumen: 68
Número: 2
Páginas: 1035 - 1045
Fecha de publicación: 2021
It is well known that multiphase machines exhibit the better performance (efficiency, torque density, fault tolerance, etc.) than three-phase machines. From the manufacturing point of view, it is interesting to have the possibility of improving a machine design by just conducting minor changes in the production process. In this regard, six-phase machines emerge as the natural choice to improve a design without modifying the active parts. This article presents an optimal procedure to shift from a three-phase to a six-phase induction motor design by just rearranging the coil connections. By starting from a three-phase winding design, different six-phase winding arrangements are analyzed. A methodology to define all the possible six-phase winding arrangements is presented. Discard criteria based on balanced radial forces and impedances are defined. Afterward, selected winding candidates are compared in terms of analytical calculations and later on, based on finite element (FE) simulations for a 690 V, 1-MW induction machine design. Different possible configurations are evaluated in terms of stator Joule losses, torque ripple, power factor, and electromagnetic efficiency both under healthy and faulted inverter conditions. Finally, a six-phase machine prototype is tested in order to verify the improvement in machine characteristics, thus validating the proposed method.