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Doctrina, mitos y fachadas: La promoción totalitaria de los escenarios deportivos de masas en Italia, Alemania y España en la primera mitad del siglo XX

Título de la revista: CUADERNO DE NOTAS
ISSN: 1138-1590
Número: 21
Páginas: 2 - 15
Fecha de publicación: 2020
From its classical origin, the architectural development of mass arenas has not been part of the main stories in the architectural History. However, its consideration from the discipline's point of view obviously differs from its social permeability, as can be seen through the urban relevance of imperial Rome amphitheaters scattered throughout Europe or in the 20th century popularity these structures have reclaimed through the modern rebirth of the Olympics and the worldwide popularity of sports such as soccer. Leading a unique historical arch, the possibility of bringing together large masses of people in propaganda events, together with the ability to articulate the territory and generate urban facade, made the stadiums again buildings of great interest in the first half of the twentieth century, as had happened in imperial Rome. This text delves into the relationship that the totalitarian governments of Germany, Italy and Spain established with this kind of architecture. The convergence of political and social interests materialized in a series of stadiums promoted by the authorities that were clearly characterized in their formal resolution.