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Nurses' knowledge, skills and personal attributes for competent health education practice: An instrument development and psychometric validation study

ISSN: 0309-2402
Volumen: 77
Número: 2
Páginas: 715 - 728
Fecha de publicación: 2021
Aim To develop and psychometrically test the Nurse Health Education Competence Instrument for assessing nurses' knowledge, skills and personal attributes concerning competent health education practice. Design A psychometric instrument development and validation study. Methods A four-step approach was used: Step 1) operational definition based on an up-to-date concept analysis and experts' judgement; step 2) item generation and content validation by expert panel and target population; step 3) item analysis based on acceptability, internal consistency and face validity; and step 4) psychometric evaluation based on construct validity, criterion validity, internal consistency and stability, conducted from January -February 2019 with 458 hospital-care nurses. Results The operational framework and expert groups showed good content validity, resulting in the first version. From the initial 88-item pool, 58 items were retained after item analysis. Exploratory factor analysis revealed three scales concerning the cognitive (three-factor solution with 23 items), psychomotor (two-factor solution with 26 items) and affective-attitudinal (one-factor solution with nine items) competency domains, which respectively accounted for 58%, 53% and 54% of the variance. Known-group study demonstrated significant differences by years working in the service and training received in health education, providing evidence for the measure's sensitivity. The three scales correlated positively ...