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Investment in talent and visibility in the media: a study of professional football in Europe

Libro: Sports (and) Economics
Autores: García del Barrio, Pedro; Tena-Horrillo, J.
Lugar de Edición: Madrid
Editorial: Funcas
Fecha de publicación: 2019
Página Inicial - Final: 271 - 294
ISBN: 978-84-17609-23-8
Resumen: In this paper we analyse empirically the factors explaining the degree of media visibility in four major European football leagues, by means of an econometric model in which clubs¿ visibility in the media is estimated as a function of clubs¿ and leagues¿ aggregate wages. Controlling for a number of factors, the analysis enables us to study the way in which a club could improve its media exposure through greater investment in talent. By applying the Blinder-Oaxaca decomposition, we furthermore examine the extent to which differences across football clubs regarding interest in the media is a consequence of changes in resources allocations, or else a reaction to changes in such allocations. Our results suggest that a club¿s media visibility is greatly determined by its environment, that is, by the domestic competition in which it participates. Finally, we discuss policy implications that may be drawn from these findings.