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Lugares y viajes maravillosos en los autos sacramentales de Lope de Vega

Título de la revista: CRITICON
ISSN: 0247-381X
Número: 139
Páginas: 93 - 114
Fecha de publicación: 2020
In this article, the author analyses the allegories of journeys in the sacramental plays by Lope de Vega. As starting point, the great step forward of the project of complete edition of Calderon de la Barca's works is used, which has provided the scholars not only with critical texts, but also with a great amount of studies on topics and themes. The author establishes three categories that shape the allegorical possibilities and different elements are studied, because they will have an effect in the development of the subsequent theatrical formula. For instance, the author examines the use of microstructures, the splendour in the performance, the creation of allegories to check their viability. This creates the necessity of reinforcing the project of edition of the sacramental plays by Lope in order to conceive a more accurate idea of this author and period.