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The effect of soil organic matter on plant mineral nutrition

Libro: Achieving sustainable crop nutrition
Lugar de Edición: Cambridge
Editorial: Burleigh Dodds. Science publishing
Fecha de publicación: 2020
Página Inicial - Final: 1 - 16
ISBN: 978 1 78676 312 9
Resumen: The role of soil humus in soil fertility and crop production has been well established by many studies and practical farming experience. This role is related to the presence of a family of organic substances, known as humic substances, with the capacity to increase the pool of plant-available nutrients in soil for root uptake. The improvement in plant growth and mineral nutrition is directly linked to the physicochemical features of humic substances, and more specifically, to their capacity to form stable chemical complexes with metals. This chapter reviews the main mechanisms behind the action of humic substances in improving plant mineral nutrition. It also discusses the main signalling pathways that might be involved in the regulation of these humic substances.