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Quality issues in georeferencing: from physical collections to digital data repositories for ecological research

Autores: Marcer, A.; Haston, E.; Groom, Q.; Ariño Plana, Arturo; Chapman, A. D.; Bakken, T.; Braun, P.; Dillen, M.; Ernst, M.; Escobar, A.; Fichtmüller, D.; Livermore, L.; Nicolson, N.; Paragamian, K.; Paul, D.; Petterson, L. B.; Phillips, S.; Plummer, J.; Rainer, H.; Rey, I.; Robertson, T.; Röpert, D.; Santos, J.; Uribe, F.; Waller, J.; Wieczorek, J. R.
Lugar de Edición: Varsovia
Editorial: Biological And Chemical Research Centre, University Of Warsaw
Fecha de publicación: 2020
Número de páginas: 33
Resumen: This is a summary of the discussions and conclusions from the workshop on Quality issues in georeferencing in Natural History Collections, hosted at the Biological And Chemical Research Centre, University Of Warsaw, in Warsaw, Poland, from the 10th to the 13th of February 2020. The workshop was organized by Working Group 2 of the MOBILISE Cost Action 17106 (( Funding was provided by the Cost Action.