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Continuity and change. Negotiating relationships in traditional and online peer review genres

Libro: Science Communication on the Internet. Old genres meet new genres
Lugar de Edición: Amsterdam
Editorial: John Benjamins
Fecha de publicación: 2019
Página Inicial - Final: 107 - 129
ISBN: 9789027204660
Resumen: The move to new open access formats in scientific peer review is thought to have influenced the way referees and authors interact. This chapter considers the genre of author responses to referees in terms of relational work, and compares published responses in an anonymized online open access review system with a similar corpus of confidential responses to referees submitted by traditional means. In general, the online open access responses are longer, more syntactically complex and show more evidence of relational work than the confidential responses. However, when analyzed qualitatively, the proportions of different compliant and non-compliant moves are found to be similar in the two corpora. This chapter thus illustrates continuity and change in one genre¿s transition from traditional to open, online format.