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Implementation of Timoshenko element local deflection for vertical track modelling

Título de la revista: VEHICLE SYSTEM DYNAMICS
ISSN: 0042-3114
Volumen: 57
Número: 10
Fecha de publicación: 2019
A vertical track model suitable for the study of the dynamic response and the interaction between wheel and rail in the time domain is developed by using Timoshenko beam elements, and its performance is optimised by accounting for the local deflection of these type of elements. Implementation of the local system enables one to obtain an accurate description of the contact force in a more computationally efficient way than other numerical methods, and it leads to an almost total elimination of the discontinuities caused by the local displacement underestimation and the shear incompatibilities introduced by the conventional formulation with Timoshenko beam elements. The work presented here describes both static and dynamic approaches of the local system directly obtained through the resolution of the beam governing equations. The dynamic approach guarantees the shear rotation continuity and describes accurately the track frequency content. The method is tested for parametric excitation, in which it ensures the smoothness of the response. Secondly, it is tested for short-pitch corrugated rails, where overestimation of the contact force is avoided with a reduced model size when compared with conventional Timoshenko element formulation. The results are validated by comparison with those from previous studies