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Effect of nutrients on biomethanization of agricultural waste: study of temperatures

Libro: Book of proceedings : VIII international scientific agriculture symposium AGROSYM 2017
Lugar de Edición: Bosnia y Herzegovina
Editorial: University of East Sarajevo
Fecha de publicación: 2017
Página Inicial - Final: 1892 - 1896
ISBN: 978-99976-718-1-3
Resumen: Anaerobic codigestion has shown to be feasible to manage organic waste. Different wastes treated together can be the supplement of nutritional deficiencies for the microorganisms involved. In this study, the presence of acromolecules and trace elements on anaerobic codigestion of agricultural waste has been assessed. An extra nutrients solution containing elements, which play a key role in the anaerobic microbiological metabolism, was used at three different temperature conditions: mesophilic (35°C), intermediate (42°C) and thermophilic (55°C). The main results showed that at 35°C in the presence of nutrients, biogas production reached 6.2L, almost 1.5-fold the production of biogas without them. Additionally, productivity was 359.3mL-CH4 / g-VS, which is 1.9 times higher than that for the process without nutrients. At 42°C up to 55% of VS were eliminated and more than 10.0L-biogas were produced, while biomethanization without extra nutrients solution only reached 7.4L. The anaerobic codigestion at 55°C showed that biogas production also surpassed 10.2L in the presence of nutrients and 146.99mL-CH4 / g-VS were obtained, being these results 1.2-fold those obtained for the process without extra solution. Results for each temperature showed that the nutrients solution could contribute to the biomethanization process of codigestion waste. Furthermore, 35°C was the temperature range at which the impact of nutrients was more remarkable.