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Modelling mechanical behaviour in multipass strain reversal conditions

Autores: Gutiérrez Sanz, Isabel; Jorge Badiola, Denis; Lanzagorta, J.L.
ISSN: 1611-3683
Número: Special Feature Metal Forming 2012
Páginas: 1147 - 1150
Fecha de publicación: 2012
In an authors ¿ previous work a new model that allows reproducing accurately the mechanical transient behaviour in two-stage strain reversal has been presented. This model, based on the isotropic and kinematic hardening concepts, takes advantage of the definition of an equivalent effective strain. This equivalent effective strain has been supposed to control the isotropic stress evolution. Meanwhile, a phenomenological approach has been adopted for the evolution of the kinematic stress to describe the Bauschinger effect. Now the exten-sion of the model to cyclic strain reversal is undertaken in order to assess its applicability. Taking into account some physically reasonable assumptions, the model can be generalised without extra parameters. Some multipass strain reversal torsion tests have been performed in a CMn steel. The experimental results of these tests and the predictions of the model have been compared and a good fitting has been achieved