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Physical modelling of the interaction between softening and Nb(C,N) strain-induced precipitation in high-Mn steels

Autores: Llanos, L.; Pereda Centeno, Beatriz; Paul, G.; López Soria, Beatriz
Título de la revista: MATERIALS SCIENCE FORUM
ISSN: 0255-5476
Volumen: 762
Páginas: 398 - 404
Fecha de publicación: 2013
Article Preview The applicability of a physical model to describe the austenite microstructure evolution after hot deformation in High-Mn steels was investigated. Double-hit torsion tests were carried out to determine the softening behaviour of two High-Mn steels, one of them microalloyed with 0.11 wt% Nb. The values of the unknown parameters included in the model were determined by fitting experimental results. The model describes adequately the softening evolution of the steels. At high temperatures recovery and recrystallization contribute to mechanical softening, the latter having the main contribution. In contrast, when strain-induced precipitation occurs recovery has a larger effect.