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Static softening behaviour in high aluminium steels

Autores: Arretxabaleta, Z.; Pereda Centeno, Beatriz; Parker, S.; López Soria, Beatriz
Título de la revista: MATERIALS SCIENCE FORUM
ISSN: 0255-5476
Volumen: 706 -709
Páginas: 2764 - 2769
Fecha de publicación: 2012
The effect of Al addition on the static softening behavior of C-Mn steels was investigated. The compositions of the steels studied are representative of the recently developed TRIP-assisted steels: a base composition of 0.2%C, 2%Mn, 50ppm N and three different Al levels, 0.03 (base steel), 1 and 2%. Double-hit torsion tests were performed at different deformation temperatures, in the range 950°C to 1100°C, and pass-strains, =0.2 and 0.35. It was found that solute Al produced a significant retardation on static recrystallization kinetics, equivalent to that exerted by 0.026%Nb for the 1%Al steel and to 0.05%Nb for the 2%Al steel. Additionally, at the lowest temperatures (950-1000°C) and 2%Al level, austenite to ferrite phase transformation was found to be concurrent with softening, enhancing retardation in the mechanical softening.