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Development of the material database for the VirtRoll computer system dedicated to design of an optimal hot strip rolling technology

Autores: Bzowski, K.; Kitowski, J.; Kuziak, R.; Uranga Zuaznabar, Pedro; Gutiérrez Sanz, Isabel; Jacolot, R.; Rauch, L.; Pietrzyk, M.
ISSN: 1641-8581
Volumen: 17
Número: 4
Páginas: 225 - 246
Fecha de publicación: 2017
The paper describes the material database, which was developed and included in the VirtRoll computer system dedicated to the design of optimal hot strip rolling technologies. The structure and functionalities of the database are described in the first part of the paper. The integration between the database and the system through the Scalarm platform is described next. Following chapters are dedicated to generation of material data, which are included in the database. These data are coefficients in material models, which include flow stress models, microstructure evolution models, phase transformation models and mechanical properties models. Several models of various complexity and various predictive capabilities were chosen for each mentioned phenomenon. All are mean field models to allow fast simulation of the whole manufacturing chain. Modern steel grades were selected as the case studies. Experimental tests performed to generate the data composed plastometric tests, stress relaxation tests and dilatometric tests. Inverse analysis was applied to determine the coefficients in the model. Discussion of results focused on validation and on new aspects of models recapitulates the paper.