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Split-dose sodium picosulfate-magnesium citrate colonoscopy preparation achieves lower residual gastric volume with higher cleansing effectiveness than a previous-day regimen

ISSN: 0016-5107
Volumen: 83
Número: 3
Páginas: 566 - 573
Fecha de publicación: 2016
Background and Aims: It is known that sodium picosulfate-magnesium citrate (SPMC) bowel preparations are effective, well tolerated and safe, and that split-dosing is more effective for colon cleansing than previous-day regimens. Anesthetic guidelines consider that residual gastric fluid is independent of clear liquid fasting times. However, reluctance to use split-dosing persists. This may be due to limited data on residual gastric fluid volumes (RGFVs) and split-dosing bowel preparations, and that these may not be perceived as standard clear liquids. Furthermore, no studies are available on RGFV/residual gastric fluid pH (RGFpH) and SPMC. We aimed to evaluate the cleansing effectiveness and the RGFV/RGFpH achieved after an SPMC split-dosing regimen compared with a SPMC previous-day regimen. Methods: This was a single-center observational study. A total of 328 outpatients scheduled for simultaneous EGD and colonoscopy and following a split-dosing or previous-day regimen of SPMC were included. We prospectively measured colon cleanliness by using the Ottawa Bowel Preparation Scale, RGFV, and RGFpH. Results: Ottawa Bowel Preparation Scale scores for overall, right, mid-colon, and colon fluid were significantly better in the split-dosing group. In the split-dosing group, the 3- to 4-hour fasting time consistently achieved the best cleansing quality. RGFV was significantly lower in the split-dosing group (11.09 vs 18.62, P < .001). No significant differences in RGFpH were detected. Conclusions: Split-dosing SPMC provides higher colon cleansing quality with lower RGFVs than previous-day SPMC regimens. SPMC in split-dosing acts exactly as a standard clear liquid acts, and thus anesthetic guidelines on this issue may be applied with no concerns.