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A guide and two untime chronicles to contemplate Rothko's work

ISSN: 2331-0553
Volumen: 6
Número: 4
Páginas: 68 - 76
Fecha de publicación: 2018
The experience offered by a museum to a visitor can have different nature and importance for everyone. Each artwork is perpetually sending a message to the viewer, possibly creating an art-person link. This link can provide experiences of great significant power to the visitor. The article below aims to delve into the facilitation of these experiences in the case of the paintings created by the artist Mark Rothko work (1903-1970). Their special characteristics mean that they can be called "Rothko experiences". As a result, a guide to viewing the work, based on the artist's recommendations, has been developed which can facilitate the emergence of these so-called "Rothko experience". Specifically, some of the multiple "realityaesthetical- art" connections experienced between Rothko's work and people whom observation incorporate an aesthetical and metaphysical dimension of reality are presented. To help in the understanding of these profound experiences and the aesthetical education of sensibility, the narrative method is used through two chronicles that gather the experiences lived by the authors in their contemplation of Rothko's work. These chronicles are examples that can help to understand the possibilities of Rothko's contemplative painting. The result is a synthetic study of Rothko work conceptualization, through one guide and the narrative dialectics between two "Rothko experiences" to show his aesthetical way of thinking, represented in his paintings.