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Variaciones hegelianas de la crítica bíblica ilustrada: el espíritu frente a la letra

Título de la revista: SCRIPTA THEOLOGICA
ISSN: 0036-9764
Volumen: 50
Número: 2
Páginas: 275 - 302
Fecha de publicación: 2018
Surprisingly, mainstream histories of biblical exegesis, such as Frei's or Reventlow's, usually disregard Hegel's approach to biblical interpretation. However, some of Hegel's epigones, such as Strauss, Bauer, Vatke, or Baur, were influential in the history of exegesis. This article aims at highlighting the relevance of Hegel's exegetical writings for the construction not only of the "philosophical Bible"-that is, in my own terminology, the interpretations of the Bible made by philosophers-but also for the biblical exegesis made by theologians. Beyond the place that his commentaries on the Scriptures occupy in his Philosophy of Religion, Hegel's exegesis has exerted influence over biblical exegesis and philosophy, particularly hermeneutics.