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Twisting, an alternative strategy to compact granular materials

Libro: EPJ Web of Conferences 140, 02010 (2017). Powders & Grains 2017
Editorial: EDP Sciences
Fecha de publicación: 2017
Página Inicial - Final: 02010
Resumen: Nowadays, the common method to pack granular materials is to tap the ensemble against the gravity. Despite the apparent simplicity of that method, the asymptotic states reached by the tapped systems have strongly dependences on parameters like the shape of the tapping pulse, the container geometry or the ratio between lateral and axial dimensions. Beyond the restrictions imposed by the system boundaries, the particle shape (like rods or tetrahedrons) plays a central role in the evolution and the final state of the ensemble. In this work, we introduce an unconventional method for compacting granular ensembles by applying a sequence of alternating counterrotating pulses or ¿twists¿. By using spherical particles we analyze the efficiency of this method to achieve highly packed configurations.